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Cluster sampling is a probability sampling method in which you divide a population into clusters such as districts or schools, and then randomly select some of these clusters as an example. The American Community Survey is an example of simple sampling. To collect detailed data on the U.S. population, Census Bureaus randomly select 3.5 million households a year and use a multitude of methods to convince them to complete the survey. America derives its strength from its cultural diversity. The contributions of racial and ethnic minorities have stifled all areas of contemporary life. Diversity has made our nation a more vibrant and open society, full of ideas, perspectives and innovation. But the full potential of our diverse multicultural society can only be realized when all Americans, including racial and ethnic minorities, have access to quality health care tailored to their needs. Over the past decade, social scientists have used focus groups, ethnography and detailed interviews to modify standardized measures to make them more equivalent to the use of racial and ethnic minorities. Although the refinement instruments have been made more systematic and effective for different racial and ethnic minorities, there is still a process that takes time to implement equivalent measures.

Use is also reported for alternative or complementary sources of care, including acupuncture, meditation, spiritual healing, herbal remedies, and/or traditional Chinese or American Indian medicine. The need to report these sources of care was triggered by the first national study of more than 16,000 people, which found that about 10 percent of people who reported mental illness were using alternative or complementary treatments based on practitioners. This rate of use was higher than among those who reported a chronic illness (Druss-Rosenheck, 1999, 2000). The study also suggested that consumers 11 tend to use these therapies for more lenient mental health problems and continue to use traditional medical services for more serious mental illnesses. Population-wide studies in primary care clinics and complementary health care clinics found that anxiety and depression were two of the diseases for which individuals received complementary care in 1997; Davidson, et al. Eisenberg et al. The culture applies to white groups, such as Irish or Germans, as well as racial and ethnic minorities. As has already been said, the term “culture” also applies to common values, beliefs and norms defined in common social groups, such as adults trained in the same profession or youth belonging to a gang. For example, clinician culture is discussed in Chapter 2 to explain the interactions between patients and clinicians. This supplement is based on the best available scientists from many disciplines: mental health, health services, history, sociology and anthropology.

The statements contained in this supplement are documented by reference to studies published in the specialized literature. Publications must first be evaluated by other experts to ensure their quality. Quality depends on scientifically rigorous methods of collection, analysis and interpretation. Assessing the level of evidence is often difficult when knowledge exceeds disciplinary limits. Different disciplines have different questions. This, in turn, dictates different approaches to the design and implementation of research, and the approach often determines how researchers report on their findings and conclusions.

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