Ubuntu: Launch apps as root via a launcher

If you’re like me you really hate typing sudo before almost every command in a terminal window. Or sometimes you want to just be able to interact or copy files via Nautilus instead but you need root, and don’t want Nautilus tied down to a terminal widow. In this article I will discus how to make Launchers to launch a terminal as well as launch Nautilus as root…

First making a Terminal Launcher, you have to start by right clicking on the panel you want the launcher to reside. Next you select “Add to Panel…”. Then click “Custom application launcher”, next click the “Add” button. In the Name box type the name you want the launcher to have (E.G. “Terminal as root”. In the command box type gksu gnome-terminal . In the comment box you can type anything you want or nothing at all. To make a Nautilus as root launcher use gksu nautilus.If you want Nautilus to launch in a specific directory then type it after the command (EG gksu nautilus /home/user_name/Desktop).

After creating these launchers you will be thankful for the few less keystrokes. Also while running a terminal window as root you can type any commands you wish without ever using the sudo command before the command your typing. A side note though is that if you launch a terminal window as root your root privileges will never expire as long as the window remains open unlike using sudo, so it would be best if you don’t keep the window open unless you need to.

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