The save XP campaign (update)

The beginning: I want to say first off that I DO NOT support peoples efforts to “save XP” from the fate all other legacy versions of Windows have succumbed to. I think it’s terrible that so many people fear or downright hate the idea moving on to Vista. I have tried to get it out of people why they hate Vista and every one I talk to (who actually give me an answer) say pretty much the same thing: “I don’t like the way [insert something here] looks”, “it does not support my devices” “I just like XP better, it is easier to use”. IMHO these aren’t very good reasons to completely shun an OS for. If you have reasons please post them in the comments, I would love to hear them. Be warned however I will not accept lame reasons, and also please explain your reasons in detail…

Maybe I am able to over look Vista’s shortcomings because I look at Vista as a child that I have fondly watch grow-up from what was pretty much Windows XP (It’s parent) to a fully independent entity. It also holds a special place in my heart for other reasons of witch I will not divulge.

Moving on: The comes the time when we have to move on from the old to the new, and that time for XP fans is drawing near. The best thing IMO is to not fight it and just let nature (or in this case Microsoft) take it’s course. Now is the time to just let go and stop being so fucking selfish by not letting XP go. No matter how much you love a friend when it’s time for that friend to die you should just let that friend go. Not to say you have to like the idea or that it will be easy but all things have their time and have to “die”, so it’s best to move on. I have had to learn this with an actual friend, and it was very hard.

I know that many OEMs are trying to keep XP as an OS option for their clients because they have to do what the customer wants but it’s this same thing thats preventing users form moving on. In the past OEMs were forced to stop offering legacy versions of Windows in favor of the new version, and now it seams to me like they are part of the problem with people not wanting to switch to Vista. How would it be if OEMs were still allowed to sell modern computers with Windows 98 pre-installed or better yet DOS (one of the greatest OSes ever made IMO)? In the past it was because of OEMs the people had to move on from one version of Windows to another, pushing technology forward.

The ending: Please don’t “save” XP, move on and don’t retard the progress of technology, the technology I do love so much… This is a call to Steve Ballmer, everyone else at Microsoft and OEMs world wide to please put the nail in the coffin for XP and put it to rest, for it has served us well but now is the time we say our final goodbyes. So goodbye XP you will be missed and remembered always in our harts and in out thoughts. God bless you XP rest in peace…

A new beginning: I just wish people could see Vista in the light I do, I think Vista is very good for what it is (Windows) and there have been many improvements made to it. Don’t get me wrong I do love XP also but I have moved on and only use XP in VMWare for development and testing of apps. It’s time to look past the shortcomings that Vista has (I know there are quite a few), and march on to Vista and beyond.

This article was in response to the article at Nerwin. I was going to post a comment but quickly realized that I wanted to write an article of my own.

This has to be the most heartfelt and one of the top 3 hardest articles I have ever wrote.

Update: It has come to my attention that my article has offended some people, to these people I say we all have the right to our own opinion. And to those of you this applies to I’m sorry but my opinion still holds firm (in other words I don’t care). Believe what you want, don’t believe what you don’t want either way I don’t care, and still believe what I believe. I have opened up the lines of communication and will not ban or delete any comment of those people to witch think I am wrong or don’t agree with me (as long as you use a tactful approach also please observe my posting rules). This is your chance to make your opinion heard and discuss the issue in an calm and orderly fashion. End of story.

Update again:

Leo uses vista…

If it\'s good enough for Leo it\'s good enough for me

Vista: If it’s good enough for Leo it’s good enough for everyone!

Original picture: here

Well thats all I’m going to say on the matter right now, please leave comments.

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