Welcome to my new blog theme RC1

Well after an uphill struggle I am proud to say “Welcome to the trm96Network Blog’s new theme RC1” I am working on making all the markup on the site valid XHTML 1.0 transitional, the only thing as of right now that makes my blog not valid is the damn Flickr badge. If anyone knows how to make it valid please let me know.

Please let me know what you think of the new theme, you can email me or just post a comment.

The markup for the badge as it stands right now is here. (P.S. the style is in the header)

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New Blog theme

That’s right I am working on a new blog theme, and no it’s not going to stay the way it is right now… This theme is a work in progress…

Please note that any comments (as well as this post) will probably be deleted after I get the theme finished cause I am going to re-import my backed up databases.

I have decied to not re-import my DB backup.

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Behold WordPress 2.5 (updated) (again)

Well it’s finely here: WordPress 2.5! There are many new and welcome changes, it will take ma a few to get used to them so bear with me if you see the blog inaccessible for short periods at a time. I have to say though through all the changes made to the WordPress core there is some on my plugins that will have to get the nix.

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