Life without Utaks: 2 Years later

Wow I cannot believe it’s been 2 years. Well a lot has changed in my life since then but one thing remains; I still miss you Ben, you are still in my mind, my hart, my dreams, and my prayers.

Rest in peace my friend…


Strange happenings

A few days or so ago when I opened the dashboard for my blog I saw the strangest thing. In the incomming links (links from other blogs) I saw the following: (Click for full image)

I just thought this was kinda strange since his blog has been offline since June 29th, 2007 and now even the internet Wayback machine does not have it anymore.

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Whats with the black?

The black is to commemorate the one year anniversary of that fatal fire in WV that calmed the live of the Lucas 3. A year after and I still pray for you almost every day… May you continue to rest in peace, as you live on in my heart.

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