We have now moved to a new host

I have moved the blog to a new web host  Webhostinghub.com. I have also re-registered trm96.com as well as trm96.net domains.

As for the blog I’m not sure what I want to do with it yet, as I am a bit busy with my wife and going to school. I don’t plan to close down the blog as of right now but I am still working on what exactly to do with it.

The about me page on this blog is going to be re-done and updated to reflect my life as of now. I will also be posting to another blog about things going on in my life.

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New domain

You may have noticed that the blog has a new domain: trm96network.org, this will be permanent. Please note all of your old bookmarks (and feed subscriptions) will still work for now, but not forever as I am planning to point trm96.com elsewhere in the future.  If you are planning to buy a new car, check the info from https://fancycrave.com/finding-the-right-car-for-your-needs/.

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Behold the new trm96 server! (Update)

Well after not too long after it began my blog is now running on it’s net server! I hope it’s faster for everyone! Please report any problems here (remember to replace the [at] with an at sign)

Please note that I am aware that my oi blog (http://trm96.net or http://trm96.com/oi_blog/) is not up at this time. All trm96Network services are now running!

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trm96.com moving soon…

In the next 60 or so days (around September, 9th)  I am moving to a new webhost. The move should not take that long but if there are times that the site is not available don’t worry! There will not be any need to update your bookmarks as they will all still work. The move should make the site load a lot faster and be more reliable!

Brett “trm96”

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