RIAA going from bad to worse

The  RIAA has announced that they will no longer be suing people who illegally download music from the internet. Good news? Not really because they will be working with ISPs to disconnect offending users. No doubt that Comcast will be one of those ISPs as  Comcast is clearly opposed to NN as well as internet piracy.

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Comcast’s evil plot…

After Comcast figured they could not out wit, or out smart, or even get by the FCC it has seamed as thought that overnight they have become “friendly” with some key P2P organizations who happen to develop technologies for pear to pear services. It just seams to me like Comcast is trying to get on the good side of such organizations to be able to reverse engineer their technologies to be able to control the traffic on their (Comcast’s) networks. What happens when Comcast gets their greedy little hands on Bittorrent’s method of connection encryption? IMO I think they will take that technology and use it to make a filtering system that detects such traffic regardless of encryption type or port number and possibly inject their own packets into the stream. Comcast has already proved they have the power detect the use of BT and also spoof packets.

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Is Comcast done with screwing around with bittorrent?

I think not… A new study shows that Comcast as well as Cox are still delaying or even blocking bittorrent connections. Right now if you use encryption (and use a non standard port number [I use 2460]) for your bittorrent connections you should be still be safe from their screwing around with your connection. Please support both Net Neutrality as well as Open Internet by contributing to the Electronic Frontier Foundation (EFF).

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