Ubuntu: Launch apps as root via a launcher

If you’re like me you really hate typing sudo before almost every command in a terminal window. Or sometimes you want to just be able to interact or copy files via Nautilus instead but you need root, and don’t want Nautilus tied down to a terminal widow. In this article I will discus how to make Launchers to launch a terminal as well as launch Nautilus as root… Read the rest of this article »

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Ubuntu 8.04 in 22 days

Thats right in 22 short days (and counting) the new version of Ubuntu (8.04 “Hardy Heron”) will be released.

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Help shape the next version of Ubuntu

Have you ever wanted to throw in your own ideas for an OS? Users tell Apple Computer and Microsoft what then want and they use maybe a few of user’s ideas but not to the extent of this! Here is the chance to get your ideas heard, weather your a system admin, developer , or just a user, you can throw around your ideas or vote on other’s ideas. Behold all that is Ubuntu brainstorm

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