PayPal: We are not blocking Safari

PayPal Says they have no plans now or ever of blocking any web browsers anytime… This comes days after the story hit the web about them planning to do it. “We have absolutely no intention of blocking current versions of any browsers, including Apple’s Safari, from our website,” a company spokeswoman said in an e-mail late Friday.

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PayPal to block ‘unsafe’ browsers

If you are using Apple’s Safari or Microsoft’s Internet Explorer and you use PayPal you might be finding your self using another browser to access your PayPal account. The reason is they are to block access to your account using those browsers and other browsers they call “unsafe”. Under this proposed action you will not be able to use any web browser that does not contain “anti-phishing protection”. This action is in direct relation to the number of instances of “phishing” attacks on it’s users.
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