Firefox 3 switch (Updated)

Well I have finely made the switch to Firefox 3 on Windows. I have yet to make the switch in Linux or OS X yet but I will shortly.

After some time using the beta I am about ready (not quite) to fully transition over to FF3. Most of my plug-ins now work for FF3 but there are still a few that still don’t. All of my “Must Have” plug-ins now work though. I am happy to say all of my plug-ins work in FF3!

My Plug-ins:
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Firefox 2 Firefox 3 Firefox 3 2


OK so I decided to install MR. Tech Toolkit, sue me… Razz

I have now made the switch to Firefox 3 on all my computers (Mac, Linux, and Windows)!

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Firefox 3 out today!

What are you waiting for? Go download it…

Track the downloads so far here.

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Firefox 3 RC1 now available!

Thats right Firefox 3 RC1 is out now but only for nightly tester/Minefield users.

Assuming no new issues are found today the build team will start official prep work for Release Candidate 1 (RC1) tomorrow. QA will start their extensive RC1 test pass on Monday. If all goes well we should have the Release Candidate publicly available in late May.

RC1 is intended for wider scale public testing. Our 1.2M+ active beta users will automatically get updated to RC1 when it is released. If no new showstopper issues are found in RC1 it will become Firefox 3 final. If we find any critical issues we will continue to release new Release Candidates until we are ready for final ship.

Above quoted from a Mozilla developer center page.

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The many faces of Firefox 3

I just installed Firefox 3 beta 5 on my Windows Vista boxx and I have to say it looks a lot different than the Mac version I am used to seeing. I am looking forward to installing in in Ubuntu to see how it differs form both the Windows and Mac versions.

Here are some screens: here, here, here, here, here, & here

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Firefox 3 b5 released today

The final beta of Firefox 3 was released today. This final beta is “feature complete” meaning there will be no new things implemented into it, and the rest of the development work will focus on bug fixes. Mozilla says Firefox 3 is still on track for a June release.

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Firefox 3 to be out by June

Mozilla Corp. Thursday confirmed that it will release the final beta of Firefox 3.0 shortly, and that it expects to deliver the finished browser to users in June.