Comcast maybe in trouble with FCC

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It seems as though the head of the FCC is not taking what Comcast is doing very lightly… It may be time for the FCC to finely step in and right the wrongs Comcast has been allowed to commit. Please read the articles linked below.

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Comcast/BT Part 13: Is it over?

 It may seem that Comcast might have finely folded and laid their cards on the table by conceding, and making attempts at working out a solution to the whole BitTorrent thing (it’s a start). It’s too early to call this a win for the users but the end may finely be in sight. This will be still a long and bumpy road a head, but I am going to remain optimistic about the whole thing…

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Comcast/BT Part 12: FCC considers action

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"According to CNet the Federal Communications Commission is considering taking action against cable operator Comcast modifying peer-to-peer traffic, a subject we've discussed here in the past. 'It looks like Chairman Martin, and by extension the commission, sees Comcast as going beyond simply managing its network. But even if the FCC decides that Comcast has violated Net neutrality principles, it's unclear what the agency can actually do to Comcast. The principles are not agency regulation.'"

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Comcast/BT Part 11: FCC speaks clearly

It looks like the FCC is siding with users. FCC Chairman Kevin Martin says  “I think it’s important to understand that the commission is ready, willing and able to step in if necessary to correct any (unreasonable) practices that are ongoing today,” witch ‘came at the start of a day-long FCC hearing.

Martin acknowledged that broadband network operators have a legitimate need to manage the data flowing over their networks. But he said that “does not mean that they can arbitrarily block access to particular applications or services.”

Could this mean “network neutrality” is that much closer to being realized? Only time will tell…

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Comcast/BT Part 9:FCC/users round 1

Well well well who said the wheels of justice turn slow? The FCC has been intimidated with comments of users “critical of the cable provider’s practices. ‘On numerous occasions,

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