Mac finely gets uTorrent

The makers of one of the best bittorrent clients has released a long awated OS X version of the client.

After screwing around with it, it appears to be a fairly solid BT client but is strangely reminiscent of Transmission although is a lot nicer looking.

Download here

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Is Comcast done with screwing around with bittorrent?

I think not… A new study shows that Comcast as well as Cox are still delaying or even blocking bittorrent connections. Right now if you use encryption (and use a non standard port number [I use 2460]) for your bittorrent connections you should be still be safe from their screwing around with your connection. Please support both Net Neutrality as well as Open Internet by contributing to the Electronic Frontier Foundation (EFF).

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Demonoid back up!

I just found out today that Demonoid is back up and running. All the old urer accounts and such are also the way they were so it’s just as though they never left.

Hey heres a convenient link!

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