Apple sues Psystar, calls for OpenMac recalls

Apple on Tuesday filed suit against Psystar the makers of a “Mac Clone” or “Hackintosh”. The suit alleges violation of Apple’s shrink wrap license and trademarks, and also copyright infringement. Today the Psystar is down and Apple shows that it wants Psystar to recall all Open Computer and OpenServ systems sold by the company since April.

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iPhone SDK have developers fired up.

Apple has launched it’s iPhone SDK (software development kit) and has come under fire over it’s strict terms of service. Apple is not allowing for p2p VOIP (voice over internet protocol) apps like Skype, also competing web browsers Firefox and Opera are forbidden. Even Sun Microsystems had to withdraw its hopes for java on the platform, at least right now. Apple has even been compared to the likes of Comcast with their anti-net neutrality filtering, and Microsoft’s Netscape-killing antitrust tactics. But if you know Apple like I do you know they will eventually change their mind… RememberĀ  when Apple said no to 3rdĀ  party apps of any kind?

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