Summer is coming upon us…

Thats right summer is right around the conner and you know what that means, hot weather (ewww) and longer days! In case you didn’t know I really hate summer, I like winter cause it’s cold and it gets dark at like 5PM. I also really hate daylight (strange huh?) I can’t complain too much this winter was kinda nice with all the snow and at least I don’t live down south (not that I have anything against people who live down south heh). I’m glad it don’t get too hot here in Michigan where I live, but still I hate 80s and 90s. What would be perfect would be like 50s for the high and like 30s for the low. I enjoy sleeping when it is cold outside, not so much (or at all) when it’s hot. What does this have to do with technology? Nothing, but it’s my damn blog and I will post what i like on it. Grin lol

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