Posting rules

Comment\Article Posting rules:

  1. No obscene, rude, derogatory or offensive content (Pictures ect.)
  2. No links to outside websites that may have obscene, rude, derogatory or offensive content
  3. No flaming, teasing or otherwise offending other users (or me)
  4. Keep it PG13 when it comes to language (no repeat f-bombs)
  5. No talk (or epically direct linking) of any illegal warez (hacks, cracks, keygens, loaders, ect.)
  6. No spaming (linking to websites or blogs that do not support the topic)
  7. Stay on topic (no talking about other things not related to the topic at hand)
  8. Please use English (N0 h4x0R or anything else not English)
  9. No use of CAPS LOCK (use <b>, <strong>, or <i> to accentuate text)
  10. No SEO

Any one found not following these rules will result is a ban form posting to this website, no warnings, ifs, ands, buts about it.

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