Help set a world record!

If you are a Firefox user (and you should be!) you can help Mozilla set a worldrecord. Mozilla wants to set a Guinness world record for “The most software downloaded in 24 hours”, alls you have to do is download Firefox 3 when its launched. The official date has yet to be set but is expected in June, you can pledge to help here. By signing up you will receive emails updating you to the launch of FF3.

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Comcast gets H4x3d

Comcast might want to rethink who they are messing with as their DNS records get hijacked leaving people without webmail access. While this attack is very “script kiddy”-esk and fairly harmless it’s just the first of many attacks that may be planned for Comcast.

Comcast should really be worried about messing with the technology they think they own… The internet does not belong to anyone, nor will it be controlled by anyone! Beware Comcast, you are treading on thin ice… Quoted from my own article here

This is not the first time that an organization opposed to user rights has been attacked. The RIAA’s site has been hacked many times over the years. Let that be a lesson do fuck with technology! H4x 7h3 P14n37!

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Summer is coming upon us…

Thats right summer is right around the conner and you know what that means, hot weather (ewww) and longer days! In case you didn’t know I really hate summer, I like winter cause it’s cold and it gets dark at like 5PM. I also really hate daylight (strange huh?) I can’t complain too much this winter was kinda nice with all the snow and at least I don’t live down south (not that I have anything against people who live down south heh). I’m glad it don’t get too hot here in Michigan where I live, but still I hate 80s and 90s. What would be perfect would be like 50s for the high and like 30s for the low. I enjoy sleeping when it is cold outside, not so much (or at all) when it’s hot. What does this have to do with technology? Nothing, but it’s my damn blog and I will post what i like on it. Grin lol

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Slashdot and their new Data Center

Slashdot just announced the testing of their new data center. You can access it from

Slashdot article

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Microsoft says Vista UAC needs work.

M$ admitted that UAC prompts needs work, the fact that most of these prompts are confusing to users and downright annoying. I remember back in beta 1 when I first noticed the UAC prompts I quickly found out how to disable this “feature” as I myself was quite annoyed by them.

“Clearly there is work that has to be done around the UAC prompts — in part because of user feedback that they get the prompts at times they don’t necessarily expect them and it is not intuitive.

“If you give people too many prompts in too many situations, they view it as an impediment to getting their work done and they just start clicking ok on everything,” said Charney. He said that the language used in prompts is also confusing.

“We give them dialogues and prompts that don’t help them make the right decision as often as we would like. You can be surfing the Web and get a warning that this site is out of another site’s control, or you may be passing data to another site. What is a user supposed to do with that information?

Quoted from MSFN
Read the rest of this article »

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GameStop stops selling Zune.

GameStop has announced they would be no longer selling Microsoft’s iPod “killer” [laughs] due to lack of demand. Wait Gamastop was selling the Zune!? lol

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LifeLock’s Spokesperson ID stolen

I’m sure you have seen the commercials on TV for LifeLock and the spokesperson Todd Davis challenging “hackers” to steal his identity, well it may seem as though someone has.

“It seems as though LifeLock isn’t as secure as Todd Davis makes it out. According to a LifeLock spokesman, his identity has been stolen. For two years, Davis has been daring hackers to steal his ID. Looks like he got what he wanted. CNN reports: ‘Now, LifeLock customers in Maryland, New Jersey and West Virginia are suing Davis, claiming his service didn’t work as promised and he knew it wouldn’t, because the service had failed even him.'”

Slashdot article here.

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