No more WTF on North Carolina’s license plates

A 60 year old technology teacher is in outrage over North Carolina’s use of WTF in it’s license plates and is offering residents to replace then with a new (non-offencive) license plate free of charge. My question is WTF is this world coming to? lol

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So long XP…

Microsoft has said they will not extend the cut-off deadline for it’s OEM distribution of XP, witch is set for June 30, 2008. After that date you will no longer be able to buy a new computer with XP pre-installed. They did say however they will extend support for it (updates and such) until 2014.

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Firefox 3 switch (Updated)

Well I have finely made the switch to Firefox 3 on Windows. I have yet to make the switch in Linux or OS X yet but I will shortly.

After some time using the beta I am about ready (not quite) to fully transition over to FF3. Most of my plug-ins now work for FF3 but there are still a few that still don’t. All of my “Must Have” plug-ins now work though. I am happy to say all of my plug-ins work in FF3!

My Plug-ins:
Click image for full view

Firefox 2 Firefox 3 Firefox 3 2


OK so I decided to install MR. Tech Toolkit, sue me… Razz

I have now made the switch to Firefox 3 on all my computers (Mac, Linux, and Windows)!

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Strange happenings

A few days or so ago when I opened the dashboard for my blog I saw the strangest thing. In the incomming links (links from other blogs) I saw the following: (Click for full image)

I just thought this was kinda strange since his blog has been offline since June 29th, 2007 and now even the internet Wayback machine does not have it anymore.

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Against my better judgment…

I am seeing a ton of people searching the web looking for a “Valid SP1 Microsoft Office 2008 for Mac” key c’mon people it’s so easy to get this shit. I may just as well just share one. Don’t be surprised if it gets blacklisted from M$. Please note any trouble from Microsoft or my web host and I will take it down. Although I do not agree with the DMCA I still have to abide by it. Please email me at (please dont spam!) for removal. Any comment on my blog for removal will not be accepted, removal requests must to be made to the above email address.  Well here goes…

Valid Microsoft Office 2008 SP1for Mac key: K964V-PGPQX-YFJ6P-7C9KK-BRJ8J

If it don’t work please leave a comment. Please dont link to this article as if I see any direct links to it I will take it down.

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Firefox 3 out today!

What are you waiting for? Go download it…

Track the downloads so far here.

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Mac OSX 10.6 gets a code-name.

The good people over at Apple Computer Inc. have given 10.6 a name: “Snow Leopard”. Laughable as it is that just reflects Apple’s style…

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