Apple sues Psystar, calls for OpenMac recalls

Apple on Tuesday filed suit against Psystar the makers of a “Mac Clone” or “Hackintosh”. The suit alleges violation of Apple’s shrink wrap license and trademarks, and also copyright infringement. Today the Psystar is down and Apple shows that it wants Psystar to recall all Open Computer and OpenServ systems sold by the company since April.

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Do you know how to use Google?

Many people use Google but how many of us know how to use Google, or even know all it can do for us? As you already know Google is the best search engine on the Internet, but it has some functions that you might not expect. Read the rest of this article »

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Is your AV protecting your computer?

This your computer is safe from the latest viruses? There is an easy way to test to see if your anti-virus software is adequately protecting your computer. Go to this website and download the files linked on the page. If your AV software detectes and/or deletes the files you know your AV is up to par with helping to keep your computer safe.

Note: Use this service at your own risk as they don’t provide support for removing the infected files from your computer.


Comcast maybe in trouble with FCC

This just in from the good people at

It seems as though the head of the FCC is not taking what Comcast is doing very lightly… It may be time for the FCC to finely step in and right the wrongs Comcast has been allowed to commit. Please read the articles linked below.

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Welcome to my new blog theme RC1

Well after an uphill struggle I am proud to say “Welcome to the trm96Network Blog’s new theme RC1” I am working on making all the markup on the site valid XHTML 1.0 transitional, the only thing as of right now that makes my blog not valid is the damn Flickr badge. If anyone knows how to make it valid please let me know.

Please let me know what you think of the new theme, you can email me or just post a comment.

The markup for the badge as it stands right now is here. (P.S. the style is in the header)

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New Blog theme

That’s right I am working on a new blog theme, and no it’s not going to stay the way it is right now… This theme is a work in progress…

Please note that any comments (as well as this post) will probably be deleted after I get the theme finished cause I am going to re-import my backed up databases.

I have decied to not re-import my DB backup.

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Netgear’s open source router

Netgear has gone open source with one of it’s new routers. The Netgear WGR614L does not come with any first-party firmware at all. It allows users to choose from a few different “distros” of open firmware, such as DD-WRT and Tomato. Who knows maybe we will see even distros of Linux for it. This is a huge steep in the right direction for Netgear. I am happy to see companies supporting open source, maybe other router manufactures can take a hint from Netgear.

Product page: here

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