Diagnostics for your iPod

I thought this was pretty interesting: the fairly hidden diagnostics mode built into every iPod (1G-4G). Please follow link for more info…

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Don’t copy that floppy!

This Is fucking hilarious! You have to watch this vid! (Also please visit source)

(Outdated video removed)-trm96

Source: directionzero.com

Let the Xbox360 piracy begin

According to slashdot “A group of hackers on the xboxhacker.net forum managed to trick the DVD firmware into reporting a recordable disc as an original Xbox 360 disc. This means that it will not allow booting of unsigned homebrew code (like Linux), as the signature check is not bypassed. This hack will just trick the Xbox 360 into thinking you inserted an original Xbox 360 disc, so it’ll only boot unedited executables.”

Source: Slashdot

trm96.net update

I have changed a few things: cleaned up the sourcecode, converted the index page to .php (no update to bookmarks needed). Keep your eyes pealed for changes to both trm96.net and trm96.com.

Warning Excel is a virus!

Well not really, but McAfee Anti-virus thinks so Shock “Due to a botched update, some McAfee Anti-virus users have been informed that Microsoft Excel, a very popular spreadsheet program, is in-fact a virus.

For a while on Friday 10th March, Excel was marked as being the W95/CTX virus. The ‘false-positive’, as the problem is technically known, was due to an error in the definitions file McAfee sent to software users. Definitions files tell Anti-virus software what to look for, and often contains updates to respond to new virus threats.

McAfee Anti-virus dutifully quarantined and moved the files (including core executables such as excel.exe), rendering the Office software fairly useless. After receiving a number of reports from customers, McAfee recognised the problem and rolled out an updated definitions file just a few hours later.

McAfee is not alone in making false-positive gaffes. Last year, Microsoft’s AntiSpyware software flagged Norton Anti-virus as being malicious software.”

Source: Neowin

The Relaunch of the trm96.net blog…

I updated my php server (mysql) but I forgot to backup my databases (oops), so I lost all the info on my blog and my message board. Not too big of a deal I did not loose too much, I just had to reinstall my blog. I might not even reinstall my message board.

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