Amazing deal: Buy an iPod and get a free windows virus!

As I was checking my news I saw a few posts on a few sites that said that about 1% of units shipped after September 12, 06 have the windows virus RavMonE loaded onto it.

Virus info: Symantec, McAfee

Source: Slashdot Blog Update.

As you have (or have not) noticed the blog is a lot faster, well it’s not your imagination it is indeed a lot faster thanks to the spiffy new server it’s on! You might have noticed also that it now says “”. Thats right its now hosted by my new web host: v3.0 on it’s way!

I will be moving to an new web host and building the first page in just a few days so look for the new v3.0 coming soon!

Official PS3 Site launched!

SCEI has launched the Official PS3 site (Japanese only).

New worm targets CPU rather than the OS.

I new worm has been found that affects AMD possessors (both 32 and 64 bit) rather than the operating system as of yet this "Proof of Concept" worm does not contain any harmful payload and so is considered by Symantec to be a low level thereat, but it is the basis for a worm that has a very damaging payload regardless of what OS you are running.

Source: MSFN

Windows Vista prices leak.

Microsoft accidentally posted on their website the prices and release date for it’s Vista operating system but the promptly took it down but not before the world had a chance to see it.

The prices are as follows

Full Package:
Vista Ultimate $450
Vista Business $341
Vista Home Premium $269
Vista Home Basic $233

Upgrade Package
Vista Ultimate Upgrade $269
Vista Business Upgrade $224
Vista Home Premium Upgrade $179
Vista Home Basic Upgrade $116

And the release date:

January 30, 2007

Source: ieXbeta and ZDNet

Microsoft Windows “Longhorn” Build 4093 leaks

Build 4093 of Longhorn leaks check tracker to download!

Source: In-house