First impressions of Windows Seven

Well it’s time for me to give the lowdown on Windows 7 beta! I have come up with a list of noteworthy things about 7. Read the rest of this article »


New format for the trm96Network Blog

In the past I have just been covering tech news only, but I have decided to not only continue to report tech news but also showcase tech “how-to”s.

I will start writing articles on how to do somethings on your computer, weather it’s Mac OSX, Linux, or Windows. Inspiration for this has come from my friend Shaun over at

Life without Utaks: 2 Years later

Wow I cannot believe it’s been 2 years. Well a lot has changed in my life since then but one thing remains; I still miss you Ben, you are still in my mind, my hart, my dreams, and my prayers.

Rest in peace my friend…


The tweaks every Vista User should do.

It has come to my attention that there are a lot of things new users don’t like about Vista.  In this guide I will be going over the tweaks that every Vista user should do (and how to do them) to make their OS a little lot better. Please note that your screen may not look exactly that same as mine but all the things are in exactly the same places. Read the rest of this article »

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Writing a self deleting batch file

Some people laugh at me when I tell them I love to write batch files.Thinking

Today i found myself in kinda a pickle, I wanted to write a batch file that would delete itself as well as any files in the directory it was located in. So I turned to my good friend Google, not too much luck… Lucky I can usually figure this stuff out. Here’s what worked for me…

The solution:
@echo off
del. /q

the del. deletes everything in the working directory and /q switch makes it so you don’t have to confirm every file delete (quite mode).

I hope this info was helpful!

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RIAA going from bad to worse

The  RIAA has announced that they will no longer be suing people who illegally download music from the internet. Good news? Not really because they will be working with ISPs to disconnect offending users. No doubt that Comcast will be one of those ISPs as  Comcast is clearly opposed to NN as well as internet piracy.

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Mac finely gets uTorrent

The makers of one of the best bittorrent clients has released a long awated OS X version of the client.

After screwing around with it, it appears to be a fairly solid BT client but is strangely reminiscent of Transmission although is a lot nicer looking.

Download here

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