Torrentspy voluntary shuts down

Torrent spy witch has me unavailable to the US for some time now has shut it’s doors to the world today. Just an other of many torrent sites to shut down in recent memory…

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Firefox 3 to be out by June

Mozilla Corp. Thursday confirmed that it will release the final beta of Firefox 3.0 shortly, and that it expects to deliver the finished browser to users in June.


Opera the first to pass Acid3/Safari (Update)

Open source web browser maker Opera claim to be the first browser to pass the Acid3 test, also Apple says their browser Safari 3.1 also pases the test but at the expense of rather large security holes…

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Comcast/BT Part 13: Is it over?

┬áIt may seem that Comcast might have finely folded and laid their cards on the table by conceding, and making attempts at working out a solution to the whole BitTorrent thing (it’s a start). It’s too early to call this a win for the users but the end may finely be in sight. This will be still a long and bumpy road a head, but I am going to remain optimistic about the whole thing…

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Will MS ever deliver XP SP3?

Right now the burning question is to Microsoft: “When you going to finely release XP service pack 3?” Is Microsoft’s delaying SP3 in hopes of more people adopting Vista over XP? This could very well be a delay tactic on the part of MS to get those people and businesses that have yet to make the jump to Vista to do so, as MS releases yet another XPSP3 RC2 refresh.

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So long XP, it’s been nice knowing you!

Windows XP is coming to the end of it’s product life-cycle. Even though XP still has a huge fan base Microsoft is planning to stop selling XP as of Jan. 31, 2009, and has informed OEMs to stop selling computers with XP pre-installed on June 30, 2008. This should not come as a surprise to all you XP fans as this has been a Microsoft policy for some time now (think back to windows 2000). It also seams as though Microsoft has pushed Service Pack 3 for XP to next month (April).

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Does IE8 Beta 1 really pass the Acid2 test?

The answer seamed so simple to begin with; no, but now I am not sure…

Take a look at a screen I took here

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