My letter to Comcast: Part 2

Wow it’s amazing how fast someone can copy and paste…

Dear Brett,

Thank you for contacting us regarding your Comcast High Speed Internet

We maintain an Acceptable Use Policy as part of our high-speed Internet
service. The policy describes what constitutes unacceptable conduct and
use of the service, including requirements regarding data usage. We?ve
had our Acceptable Use policy in place for years and the policy itself
remains the same. The only thing that is changing is now we?re going to
provide a specific number (250 GB) for what would qualify as excessive

We?ve been evaluating a monthly data usage threshold for quite some time
and we?ve heard from customers that they would like us to provide a
specific number for excessive use.  Excessive users consume
substantially more data than typical residential users?only less than 1%
of customers use excessive amount of data today.  It?s important to keep
in mind that that the vast majority of customers don?t fall into the
excessive use category. To learn more about excessive use, you can go to
our FAQs page at

The 250 GB monthly threshold will begin October 1, 2008.

You will continue to get the same amount of speed you?ve been getting.

Keep in mind that only a very small number of customers actually reach
250 GB in a month today. As part of our pre-existing policy, we will
continue to contact the top users of our high-speed Internet service and
ask them to curb their usage.

A typical residential high-speed Internet user doesn?t even come close
to using that amount of data. To put it in perspective, currently, the
median data usage by our high-speed customers is approximately 2 – 3 GB
each month. 250 GB falls more into the excessive use category?going well
above and beyond typical Internet usage.

To reach 250 GB in a month, for example, a customer would have to do any
of the following:

Send 50 million emails (at 0.05 KB/email)
Download 62,500 songs (at 4MB/song)
Download 125 standard-definition movies (at 2 GB/movie)
Upload 25,000 hi-resolution digital photos (at 10 MB/photo)

There are a number of online tools you can use to measure your data
consumption. You can find such tools by simply doing a Web search ? for
example, you can search ?bandwidth meter? to locate some options.

If you use multiple computers in your home, you should make sure to
measure and combine their monthly data usage to get an accurate read of
total data consumption for your entire account.

To assure the proper tracking of this issue, we have created the
following customer service ticket: 13200555

Please refer to this number should you contact us regarding this same

Thank you for choosing Comcast. We value your business.


Mina Joy
Comcast Online Customer Support

And I fired off my reply:

First off you failed to answer my first question: Will I be able to check my bandwidth usage at a given time?
Also your response seems a bit scripted, You have not told me anything I have not already read on the various TOS and AUP pages before sending this email.

So if you cannot answer my simple questions please refer me to someone who

Thank you,
Brett “trm96” Pierce

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