My letter to Comcast: Part 1

Ok so I had a few things I wanted to ask Comcast for myself. If you remember my other letters to Comcast (if not, here, here, here, here) then you know this will be interesting. xD

I have a question regarding the bandwidth limit to be implemented on Oct 1, 2008.

Will I be able to check my bandwidth usage at a given time?

If you please could you clear up some of my other concerns as well:

To quote from part of Comcast’s own TOS: “Currently, the median monthly data usage by our residential customers is approximately 2 – 3 GB”, ok so if the average user only uses 2-3GB bandwidth/month why is it a problem that some users use more than others? Does it really put that much strain on the networks backbone for a few users to use more? Why are those of us who use their internet connection more limited more so than those of us who don’t? Why does comcast feel they have the right to restrict the flow of information across the internet just because they think one user uses too much bandwidth (or more bandwidth than other users)? Quoted from the FAQ page: “Do I need to worry that I may be an excessive user?
There are very few excessive users.  The vast majority – more than 99% – of Comcast customers are not excessive users and never need to be concerned with excessive use.  Comcast currently identifies well less than 1% of Comcast High-Speed Internet customers as excessive users each month.  Here are some additional facts to keep in mind based on Comcast’s current policies:” If there are so few “excessive users” how could they have such a big impact on all the “non-excessive users”?

Brett “trm96” Pierce

Due to Comcast’s email length restriction i had to truncate it…

I will post any replies (if any) in a new article…

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