First impressions of Windows Seven

Well it’s time for me to give the lowdown on Windows 7 beta! I have come up with a list of noteworthy things about 7.

Installing Win 7 is just the same as installing Vista. I do not consider this a bad thing as Vista’s setup was a world apart from that of XP and 2k’s.

If you have ever seen Vista boot you know just how “unfinished” it feels. 7’s boot screen actually looks very nice, even better than that of XP.

First Logon
Choosing network settings is very straightforward, intuitive, and easy for new users.

Things not to overlook
As you explore through the world of Windows 7 here are a few things you might not notice if you don’t really look.

  • Contextual menu for desktop (Screen resolution, gadgets, personalize)
  • Sidebar-less sidebar (the gadgets float on the desktop but are “sticky” on the right side of the screen you can also space them how you like)
  • Power button in start menu (defaults to shutdown not standby, but can be changed via start menu properties)
  • Taskbar mouse hover effect (the highlight of a taskbar button follows the mouse cursor)
  • UAC re-tooled (there are now more options for UAC other than just on or off)
  • Desktop preview button (located to the right of the clock, replaces the “show desktop” feature)
  • IE8 and windows explorer file download/copy/move progress meter in taskbar button (know the progress of file downloads/copies/moves without looking at the dialog box)
  • Security Center alerts easier to disregard (you can now ignore these alerts a lot easier than in Vista)
  • Task Manager not always on top by default (in every other version of Windows I know of the Task Manager is set to “always on top” by default, this really annoyed me)
  • New calculator! (oh, man do I love the new Windows calc.exe!) Get it for Vista! here.
  • New notepad (yep they updated notepad too, very office 2007-esk) Get it for Vista! here.

Things I don’t like about 7
No OS (or any compiled code for that matter) is perfect, there are always things I’m going to hate, so heres the list…

  • No internet button in Start menu (I have kind of got used to having my default browser right there in the top of the Start menu)
  • No glass/DWM (Aero) in VMware by default (not a big surprise, but you can hack it to enable desktop Aero)
  • Solitare makes the entire OS freeze in VMware (have not tried any of the other games)
  • UAC (although it is much improved I still would rather turn it off completely)

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