Do you know how to use Google?

Many people use Google but how many of us know how to use Google, or even know all it can do for us? As you already know Google is the best search engine on the Internet, but it has some functions that you might not expect. Did you know most people do not even know how to properly ask Google for what they want? I see search queries incoming to my blog that astound me, people doing searches for “How do I…”, “What does…” or maybe even single words like “Comcast”. It has come to my attention that many people don’t know how to “ask” Google for what they are looking for. thinking they are talking to a person.

Google as a web search:
The basic premise of how Google works for standard web searches is based on keywords. Asking “How do I…” will return results containing those words. So if you are wanting to know how to say forward ports on a router instead of asking “How to forward ports on router” something like “port forwarding + Netgear xxx1234” this would return you results on how to actually forward a port on your specific router.¬† Another area people forget about (or maybe just don’t know about) is that with Google you can quote your query if you want the results to contain the whole string; eg. “open internet” would only return results containing the string “open internet”. It’s important to know that you can also use Boolean (the use of or, not, or and ) in your Google searches; eg. “open and internet”, “open or internet”, etc. All of these things will return better qualty results, but it depends on exactly what you are searching for.

Google as a spell check:
Another less common feature of Google is as a spell check, this I use all the time cause I can’t spell for crap. If you type in say “internt” the first thing you will find is Google asking you “Did you mean: internet“. Google, I find is way better at correcting spelling than the spell check in Firefox.

Google as a calculator:
Also Google has the power to do math, type in “182*158” and you will see Google will return “182 * 158 = 28 756”

Google as the white pages:
Did you know you can type in an area code and Google can give you info about that area code, eg. “313” will return “Detroit, Michigan” You used to be able to type in phone numbers and get info about the number such as the persons name. address, and a map of where they are located but it seems as though they disabled it.

There are other features of Google some of witch are covered on this page as well as others that are not covered on that page such as some ways to use Google in a malicious way (no I will not cover that here don’t even ask).

I hope you now have a better incite into how to use Google to acquire the info you desire¬† as well as the things you can do with Google other than simple web searches. There is not a day that goes by that I don’t use Google for something or another. If you have any questions or comments don’t hesitate to post them here!

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