Comcast’s evil plot…

After Comcast figured they could not out wit, or out smart, or even get by the FCC it has seamed as thought that overnight they have become “friendly” with some key P2P organizations who happen to develop technologies for pear to pear services. It just seams to me like Comcast is trying to get on the good side of such organizations to be able to reverse engineer their technologies to be able to control the traffic on their (Comcast’s) networks. What happens when Comcast gets their greedy little hands on Bittorrent’s method of connection encryption? IMO I think they will take that technology and use it to make a filtering system that detects such traffic regardless of encryption type or port number and possibly inject their own packets into the stream. Comcast has already proved they have the power detect the use of BT and also spoof packets.

Packet spoofing is a technique of intercepting packets and either changing where they go (URL spoofing),  just dropping them or adding packets with the ability to track the data they contain. This technique is usually employed by malicious “hackers”, so why is the same technique being employed by what is supposed to be a reputable company? Is what Comcast is doing legal? Is it right? I don’t think Comcast cares…

Is all of this “friendliness” just a cover up for Comcast to try to bring P2P and BT to it’s knees? I believe so. Comcast should really be worried about messing with the technology they think they own… The internet does not belong to anyone, nor will it be controlled by anyone! Beware Comcast, you are treading on thin ice…

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