Comcast/BT Part 10: Comcast the internet cop

Comcast has defended their stance on restricting access of their users access to content on the net to the FCC, calling what it (Comcast) is doing “justifiable”. Comcast is saying that it is only doing what it is doing so every user gets the same quality of service.

It seams as though Comcast is not making any friends even with Washington as the supporters of “Net Neutrality” have planed bills that “would prevent broadband Internet providers from unreasonable interference with subscribers’ access to content”

“Some believe that government intervention is required to preserve the “open architecture” of the Internet and prevent content providers from being subjected to “unreasonably discriminatory practices by broadband network providers.” Others believe that the government should have no role in regulating the Internet although” Rep. Edward Markey; chairman of a House subcommittee on the Internet “denies that his bill would do that. The bill also would require communications regulators to study the issue and hold public hearings. ”

This just in from Slashdot: “Reps Ed Markey (D-MA) and Chip Pickering (R-MS) introduced the ‘Internet Freedom Preservation Act of 2008‘ (HR 5353) this week. The proposed legislation [PDF] would not legislate what is and is not ‘neutral’. Instead, it would add a section to the ‘Broadband Policy’ section of the Communications Act which spells out principles the FCC is expected to uphold, in addition to having them hold summits which would ‘assess competition, consumer protection, and consumer choice issues related to broadband Internet access services’ and make it easy for citizens to submit comments or complaints online.”

IMO the internet should not be policed by any one company, organization, or person(s), and should remain a controlled by the users. What will it take for the US government or ISPs to back off and let it be, maybe the destruction or at least the temporally shutting down of the net…? What would the US do? What would the world do? What would you do? Is dooms day for the net coming? Thats all I will say on that matter…

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