Comcast employs monthly bandwidth limit! (Update)

Starting October 1 2008 Comcast will limit its users to 250GB bandwidth/month.  Comcast said they will contact people who go over the 250GB/month limit but after the “second offense” they would suspend their account for a year.

This is an outrage! Comcast is just pissed off that the FCC has stopped them from packet shaping. Some people say “well I would just switch services if they did that to me” well unfortunately I cannot do this as Comcast is my only option for a “high speed” Internet, also I could not go back to dial-up because I do not have a phone line at my house.

Thanks a lot Comcast for once again fucking over your customers! Alls I can say is that they better have a way for me to check how much bandwidth I have used in a given month!

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2 Responses to “Comcast employs monthly bandwidth limit! (Update)”

  1. Nick Says:
    August 29th, 2008 at

    That is a bunch of bullshit… But If I remember correctly, its only in areas that have a high band width. But not sure.. If this is the case,.. i’m going with fairpoint! They don’t have a limit yet. But again.. I think its only in certain areas. Besides they said this before as well and it never happened, if it does.. I thin consumers will be very pissed off and they will end there services and go with another internet service.

    So I think Comcast better look out.

  2. trm96 Says:
    August 29th, 2008 at

    Well since they set a date I think it’s going to happen this time. At least you can switch, I cannot… Frown Also I don’t know how wide-spread this will be, It may be nation wide.