Staples to sell Dell computers.

Dell has signed an agreement with Staples to sell Dell computers in their stores by November 11. They will start out only selling Inspiron 1721 and 1521 notebooks and Inspiron 530 desktops, but wil branch out form there later. The deal is Dell’s second with a retailer after signing a similar one with Wal-Mart in May of this year.

Comcast/BT Part 5: The proof

Well even though Comcast continues to deny it an independent case study by the AP has confirmed that they do indeed throttle BT/P2P traffic…

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Apple cuts price of DRM-free tracks to that of DRM tracks

Apple has managed to make available  the same $0.99 price for both DRM-free and regular DRM tracks. This a big step toward a DRM-free world, good job Apple!

Best Buy to kill off analog TVs

The HD generation has un-officially started. Best Buy is the first retail store to completely stop selling analog TVs, in an announcement made yesterday. Other retailers are soon to follow.

Buy a new Mac get discount on Leopard!

Apple is offering a $10 upgrade to its upcoming OS Leopard for people who buy a new Mac in the 4Q 2007 (Why couldn’t M$ do something like that with Vista?).

Comcast/BT Part 4

Well after my last reply now Comcast is saying somethings wrong with my computer…

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Torrentspy back on for US users? Update

Well this is kinda weird it appears that Torrentspy is letting US users back on the site… Yesterday it redirected all US traffic to this page. The fact they have not deleted this page off the server means that this may be only temporary, only time will tell

Well it looks like it was only for a day.¬† Is this the beginning of the end for BT? Who really knows the the US government, MPAA or the RIAA have is store for the future of BT…