Help shape the next version of Ubuntu

Have you ever wanted to throw in your own ideas for an OS? Users tell Apple Computer and Microsoft what then want and they use maybe a few of user’s ideas but not to the extent of this! Here is the chance to get your ideas heard, weather your a system admin, developer , or just a user, you can throw around your ideas or vote on other’s ideas. Behold all that is Ubuntu brainstorm

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Is phone phreaking still alive?

Whoa is it the 1980s again? Not really but a 17 year-old “phone phreak” from East Boston caught the attention of the FBI who suspect “Li’l Hacker.” whose real first name is Matthew (his last name not released because of him being under age). Apparently Matt was “swatting” witch involves malicious pranksters calling police with reports of fake murders, hostage crises, and such  and spoofing the call to appear as though it was from another location.

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Comcast/BT Part 10: Comcast the internet cop

Comcast has defended their stance on restricting access of their users access to content on the net to the FCC, calling what it (Comcast) is doing “justifiable”. Comcast is saying that it is only doing what it is doing so every user gets the same quality of service.

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Skype of PSP now available!

Unfortunately its only for the PSP Slim due to it’s bigger memory. You can pick up the PSP v3.9.0 firmware using network update on the PSP or at the official website.

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Filefox Set to go to testers

Expect Filefox to hit very soon…

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Comcast/BT Part 9:FCC/users round 1

Well well well who said the wheels of justice turn slow? The FCC has been intimidated with comments of users “critical of the cable provider’s practices. ‘On numerous occasions,

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The end of HD DVD?

With a lot of the major movie studios announcing at this years CES (Consumer Electronics Show) they are moving to Blu-ray Disk only you have to wounder if this is the beginning of the end for HD DVD. Well the answer is simple; not if Toshiba has anything to do with it. “Toshiba remains defiant that its format will not succumb to the mounting tsunami of support for Blu-ray Discs.” says Akio Ozaka, head of Toshiba America Consumer Products at CES. It should also be noted that the HD DVD group has canceled many of their meetings at CES.