Comcast/BT Part 3: the reply

After a good nig–days sleep (not really) I decided to send out my reply…

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Comcast/BT Part 2

Well after only a few hours I got a response, here it is:
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TorrentSpy turned off to US users/BT Traffic throttled.

It seems the war on “piracy” has turned out to be a war on BT itself as well as bandwidth usage. Read the rest of this article »

Get Ready for iPhone tomorrow…

Apple starts selling it’s iPhone tomorrow. It’s only available on AT&T’s service nd will sell for $399 for the 4GB versionĀ  andĀ  $499 for the 8GB.

PS3 firmware 2.1…

Seeing the list of rumored changes to the PS3’s firmware version 2.0 lead me to compile a list for things I would like to see in version 2.1 and beyond.

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Steve Jobs to kill iTunes Store DRM?

Ever since Apple launched it’s very popular music service iTunes the content you downloaded form the music store has been copy protected using Digital Rights Management (or DRM) allowing you to only use the files you download in certain ways(i.e. copy to an iPod burn onto an audio CD). That might all change, that is if Mr. Jobs has anything to do with it.

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Apple releases Dashcode Beta for Tiger

Apple has released a beta version of Dashcode, a widget designer for Tiger. You can download it here