Vista SP1 rolls out and so do the complaints.

As some of you know Vista’s Service Pack 1 rolled out yesterday and right along with it so to did the complaints about it. Some people are saying that SP1 has made their computer unstable claiming BSODs for those who were able to install it in the first place. All this negative press is not earning Microsoft any gold stars.

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XP SP3 and Vista SP1 due out this week.

Microsoft is releasing both service packs for both of their main OSs this week as early as Tuesday. The service packs will be made available via Windows Update as well as on their website.

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Device drivers deactivating Vista

Have you ever swapped out a video card? There have been reports that in some cases Vista has been deactivating after such a swap or worse yet just updating device drivers. Users affected will have very little notice before Windows stops working by going into a “reduced functionality” mode, where you can’t do anything but use the web browser for half an hour. You’ll then need to reapply to Microsoft to get a new activation code.

The first ever anti-virus virus!

No, this TrojanĀ  doesn’t attack your anti-virus instead it downloads a .dll form the author’s server, this .dll then downloads a pirated copy of Kaspersky AntiVirus to remove any other potential "rival infectious code" form the infected computer and skips files witch it detects as being part of its own installation.

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Vista more insecure than XP says Symantec

Security giant Symantec is researching Vista’s security (or lack there of). They are finding that XP’s tried and tested code is more reliable than Vista’s newly written (and as of yet largely untested)  code. As of yet though there has not many (if any) security holes that directly target Vista exploited as of yet.


Windows users: WGA or bust :/

As of the fall Windows users will have to be running the latest version of Microsoft’s Windows Genuine Advantage (WGA) of will face their copy of Windows no longer working…

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“Longhorn” Builds 4033/3706 leak!

You can pick up the torrents from my tracker!

Thanks to my good friend Utaks!!

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