Internet Explorer 8 goes RC1

As of today the feature-complete IE8 goes RC1. It comes in Windows XP (32 and 64 bit), Windows Vista (32 and 64 bit), Server 2003 (32 and 64 bit), and Server 2008 (32 and 64 bit) flavors.

Download: here

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Cleaning up desktop clutter the batch file way

As many of you may know I love batch files LOL Well I thought many people have an abundance of desktop clutter. The qustion is how to cut through the clutter and move only certain types of files to other locations and do it without installing any software? Well after a few hours I have solved the problem, using nothing else but a batch file. Before you ask, a batch file is a plain text file that allows you to run DOS style commands without having to type out commands multiple times. The following batch file will move any files with the .jpg, .jpeg, and .png file extensions to a folder called “Pic temp” in the folder “wow temp64” on your desktop in Vista. Read the rest of this article »

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First impressions of Windows Seven

Well it’s time for me to give the lowdown on Windows 7 beta! I have come up with a list of noteworthy things about 7. Read the rest of this article »


The tweaks every Vista User should do.

It has come to my attention that there are a lot of things new users don’t like about Vista.  In this guide I will be going over the tweaks that every Vista user should do (and how to do them) to make their OS a little lot better. Please note that your screen may not look exactly that same as mine but all the things are in exactly the same places. Read the rest of this article »

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So long XP…

Microsoft has said they will not extend the cut-off deadline for it’s OEM distribution of XP, witch is set for June 30, 2008. After that date you will no longer be able to buy a new computer with XP pre-installed. They did say however they will extend support for it (updates and such) until 2014.

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Microsoft says Vista UAC needs work.

M$ admitted that UAC prompts needs work, the fact that most of these prompts are confusing to users and downright annoying. I remember back in beta 1 when I first noticed the UAC prompts I quickly found out how to disable this “feature” as I myself was quite annoyed by them.

“Clearly there is work that has to be done around the UAC prompts — in part because of user feedback that they get the prompts at times they don’t necessarily expect them and it is not intuitive.

“If you give people too many prompts in too many situations, they view it as an impediment to getting their work done and they just start clicking ok on everything,” said Charney. He said that the language used in prompts is also confusing.

“We give them dialogues and prompts that don’t help them make the right decision as often as we would like. You can be surfing the Web and get a warning that this site is out of another site’s control, or you may be passing data to another site. What is a user supposed to do with that information?

Quoted from MSFN
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The save XP campaign (update)

The beginning: I want to say first off that I DO NOT support peoples efforts to “save XP” from the fate all other legacy versions of Windows have succumbed to. I think it’s terrible that so many people fear or downright hate the idea moving on to Vista. I have tried to get it out of people why they hate Vista and every one I talk to (who actually give me an answer) say pretty much the same thing: “I don’t like the way [insert something here] looks”, “it does not support my devices” “I just like XP better, it is easier to use”. IMHO these aren’t very good reasons to completely shun an OS for. If you have reasons please post them in the comments, I would love to hear them. Be warned however I will not accept lame reasons, and also please explain your reasons in detail…

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