Mac finely gets uTorrent

The makers of one of the best bittorrent clients has released a long awated OS X version of the client.

After screwing around with it, it appears to be a fairly solid BT client but is strangely reminiscent of Transmission although is a lot nicer looking.

Download here

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Service Pack 1 for Office 2008 for Mac out now

A warning to those of you who have a “pirated” copy of the app if you install this latest update you will find your self not being able to launch any of the Office 2008 apps with out using a new “valid” product key. You will find that it will keep on starting up the setup app every time you launch any of the apps. To remove this “pirated” key you have to remove 2 files:
/Applications/Microsoft Office 2008/Office/OfficePID.plist
and here:
~/Library/Preferences/Microsoft/Office 2008/Microsoft Office 2008 settings.plist

After that you run one of the Office apps and the setup app will run but this time asking you for a product key where you will have to enter a “valid” one, after that you are good to go!

(Update) Serial: here

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The first Mac clones ship (proof)

As some of you may have heard by now a company by the name of Psystar was claiming to have created the first modern Mac clone. There has been questions as to the fact that they could even produce the thing not to mention  questions if  the company  actually  was legit. Well today a video has come to life proving that the “Mac clone” is not only real but so is the company.

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Happy Birthday OSX!

It was January 6, 2000 that Mr. Jobs released Mac OSX (10.0). So happy 8th birthday to one of my favorite platforms! (ok so I,m a day early…)

The offical Leopard review comming soon…

Well I finely got my hands on Leopard and installed it on my Mac, I will write a full review in a few weeks so look for it.

Buy a new Mac get discount on Leopard!

Apple is offering a $10 upgrade to its upcoming OS Leopard for people who buy a new Mac in the 4Q 2007 (Why couldn’t M$ do something like that with Vista?).

Apple releases Dashcode Beta for Tiger

Apple has released a beta version of Dashcode, a widget designer for Tiger. You can download it here