Dell notebook goes BOOM!

I could net believe this when I read it on Neowin this morning. Apparently during a conference in Japan a Dell notebook burst into flames “and produced several explosions for more than five minutes” according to Gaston, an onlooker. It was unclear what model of Dell notebook it was, but he was sure it was a Dell. Gaston goes on to say “It is only a matter of time until such an incident breaks out on a plane,”.

There are some amazing pics on the Inquirer’s site.

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The outage was due to my internet connection being turned off for a few days cause of my lack of (cough) payment to my cable co. heh. But I am back online for good (I hope) Smile update

I have changed a few things: cleaned up the sourcecode, converted the index page to .php (no update to bookmarks needed). Keep your eyes pealed for changes to both and

The Relaunch of the blog…

I updated my php server (mysql) but I forgot to backup my databases (oops), so I lost all the info on my blog and my message board. Not too big of a deal I did not loose too much, I just had to reinstall my blog. I might not even reinstall my message board.

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