Utaks 11/25/87 – 1/13/07

On January 13 at about 11:08p ET my very best friend Ben “Utaks” “Utakz” Lucas died in a fire on the 5th floor of his appartment building where he lived.

While me and Ben never actualy face-met I did consider him a true friend, and now all i have is memories of by far my best friend…

More later…

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PS3 trm96 OWNED!!

Well I knew this day would come and just by chance it has finely arrived! I went into my local GameStop and inquired about the Nintendo Wii (they did not have any) and I just so happened toask if they had any PS3s and sure enough they DID(the clerk said they had one left), I asked if it was by chance a 60GB one and he replied “Yes, I think so.”. I said oh ok and left the store. After toiling with it in the car for about 30mins and pleading with my mom to lend my $100 (Thanks mom!!!!) I worked up enough cash to pay for it so I went back into the store and bought it. As I set every one of those sets of 5 $20s on the counter my mom grew more and more anxious of the money I was spending that I really could not afford to spend… Frown

But… on the the pics (sorry they maybe big for I did not have time to resize them)
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trm96.net Blog (v2.0) Update

Well after a long while of moving to a new host and getting stuff set up on it I can now go back to posting news to the blog. As I have mentioned before I have moved my blog to my new .com server so hopefully it’s a lot faster than it was. Also I am working on making the content of the trm96 Network flow to and form my .com to my .net servers and so it will be relatively transparent to the user. I am working hard to make the trm96 Network your source for all that is technology. I hope to maybe be able to attend some of technology’s big conferences/shows (E3, TGS, PDC, WinHEC, Macworld, ect) to report the as it happens straight from the the show.
Please remember the trm96.net Blog for all your tech related news!

trm96.net Blog Update.

As you have (or have not) noticed the trm96.net blog is a lot faster, well it’s not your imagination it is indeed a lot faster thanks to the spiffy new server it’s on! You might have noticed also that it now says “http://trm96.com/blog”. Thats right its now hosted by my new web host: Bluehost.com.

trm96.com v3.0 on it’s way!

I will be moving to an new web host and building the first page in just a few days so look for the new trm96.com v3.0 coming soon!

trm96.net update

trm96.net is now accepting donations so if you like what you see let me know by showing your support and sending me some money (any amount is fine with me).

Donations go for the following:
* Server upgrades
* Internet service for the site
* Improving trm96.net
* Web-hosting for trm96.com v3.0

As a donator you get:
* Your name on the blog as an official trm96 Network (trm96.net/trm96.com) supporter
* A better experience
* The knowledge of helping the trm96 Network
* An official thank you email form me!

Also as of early October I will begin work on trm96.com v3.0 on a new host. If you would like to help send me an email at trm96com3@trm96.net, please include what web development skills (php, mySQL databases, HTML, Java, Javascript, ect.) you have and maybe a sample of your work. Please stay tuned to trm96.net blog (subscribe to the RSS feed) for all news regarding the trm96 Network!

IE7 to be launched via Windows(Microsoft) Update says Microsoft

The Redmond company is planning to push IE7 for XP and Server 2003 via windows (Microsoft) Update later this year, according to CNET it’s not such a good idea and warns: "This has serious implications for e-commerce websites whose functionality might be affected by any bugs in the software. Also to have end users suddenly using a new browser right before the holiday shopping season could magnify the cost any bugs that might create a bad user experience on sites." But like always M$ is always right lol.