New blog theme

Well after much debate I have decided to at least temporally change the look of the blog, any feedback is welcome.

trm96 Network bittorrent tracker launched!

I have now launched a new tracker that will replace the one I ran on my .net server. Please visit the new trm96 Network Bittorrent tracker at or update

As you may have noticed typing into your browser “” will load my blog rather than my .net homepage as my server is still down. On a happier note I have managed to salvage a lot of data form my old dead Seagate HDD, I have uploaded all the files form my upload dir to my .com upload dir ( As soon as I get a new HDD for my server I will probley put the server back online. Right now I have my server running on an external HDD just to be able to at least use it for right now.

Join my Folding@Home team

If you have a PS3 or if you just just want to use the otherwise wasted CPU cycles on your computer for a “higher purpose”. Just the team number ” 72775″ in your Folding@Home client.

Team Website here. Blog now mobile

You can now access the blog using a WAP browser on your mobile phone or you can preview it here! Better yet no new address to remember (just use the address you used to come here on your computer!). outage. (update) (update again)

Due to an update snafu the server will be offline. I hope to the server back up and running by the end of next week (June 3-9).


I am still in the process of fixing the problem with my server, and am still on track for a June 9 or so relaunch. In the mean time i am going to change my DNS servers to point to my blog…

Update again:

well it looks like a hard drive is to blame (damn Seagate HDDs) but I am working feverishly to correct the problem and hope to have the server back online soon…

Life without Utaks…

Well the past month (well actually more than a month) has been the hardest one of my life. I took the death of Ben probably harder than most everyone else. From crying my eyes out to asking God that ever so dumb question: why. And even now I still get chocked up playing some 2Pac songs or talking about him. For even though I never got the chance to meet him in person I believe he was a very good friend of mine Read the rest of this article »