Internet Explorer 8 goes RC1

As of today the feature-complete IE8 goes RC1. It comes in Windows XP (32 and 64 bit), Windows Vista (32 and 64 bit), Server 2003 (32 and 64 bit), and Server 2008 (32 and 64 bit) flavors.

Download: here

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IE8 Beta 2 out!

Straight from Microsoft has released beta 2 of it’s Internet Explorer 8 web browser.

You can get it from: here (XP, 2003 x86/x64, Vista x86/x64, 2008 x86/x64)
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Vista: is it really that terrible, or just bad PR?

Is all the bad press Vista has gotten really just the placebo effect? Is it really that bad? Microsoft shows off their “New OS” “Mojave” to people who have not used Vista but have some negative thoughts or feelings about it to see if it indeed is the negative press that gives Vista a bad rap. I think this shows Microsoft’s ingenuity to work out a problem that might just be a bad PR problem with Vista, it also goes to show that stuffy old Microsoft can “think out of the box”.

Microsoft’s Mojave Experiment

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So long XP…

Microsoft has said they will not extend the cut-off deadline for it’s OEM distribution of XP, witch is set for June 30, 2008. After that date you will no longer be able to buy a new computer with XP pre-installed. They did say however they will extend support for it (updates and such) until 2014.

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Service Pack 1 for Office 2008 for Mac out now

A warning to those of you who have a “pirated” copy of the app if you install this latest update you will find your self not being able to launch any of the Office 2008 apps with out using a new “valid” product key. You will find that it will keep on starting up the setup app every time you launch any of the apps. To remove this “pirated” key you have to remove 2 files:
/Applications/Microsoft Office 2008/Office/OfficePID.plist
and here:
~/Library/Preferences/Microsoft/Office 2008/Microsoft Office 2008 settings.plist

After that you run one of the Office apps and the setup app will run but this time asking you for a product key where you will have to enter a “valid” one, after that you are good to go!

(Update) Serial: here

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The save XP campaign (update)

The beginning: I want to say first off that I DO NOT support peoples efforts to “save XP” from the fate all other legacy versions of Windows have succumbed to. I think it’s terrible that so many people fear or downright hate the idea moving on to Vista. I have tried to get it out of people why they hate Vista and every one I talk to (who actually give me an answer) say pretty much the same thing: “I don’t like the way [insert something here] looks”, “it does not support my devices” “I just like XP better, it is easier to use”. IMHO these aren’t very good reasons to completely shun an OS for. If you have reasons please post them in the comments, I would love to hear them. Be warned however I will not accept lame reasons, and also please explain your reasons in detail…

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Microsoft releases new Ultimate Extras

Today Microsoft finely releases more “Ultimate Extras”. Included are two new sound schemes: “Pearl” and “Glass” as well as a new content pack for DreamScene.

It was looking very bleak for the Ultimate Extras program for a while due to Microsoft’s uncertainty of the life of the program, maybe this is a sign of whats to come for the future of it. I sure am looking froward to what else they have in store for us Ultimate users (if anything).

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