RIAA going from bad to worse

The  RIAA has announced that they will no longer be suing people who illegally download music from the internet. Good news? Not really because they will be working with ISPs to disconnect offending users. No doubt that Comcast will be one of those ISPs as  Comcast is clearly opposed to NN as well as internet piracy.

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My letter to Comcast: Part 3

Wow these people are fast at talking in circles… Read the rest of this article »

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My letter to Comcast: Part 2

Wow it’s amazing how fast someone can copy and paste… Read the rest of this article »

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My letter to Comcast: Part 1

Ok so I had a few things I wanted to ask Comcast for myself. If you remember my other letters to Comcast (if not, here, here, here, here) then you know this will be interesting. xD Read the rest of this article »

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Comcast employs monthly bandwidth limit! (Update)

Starting October 1 2008 Comcast will limit its users to 250GB bandwidth/month.  Comcast said they will contact people who go over the 250GB/month limit but after the “second offense” they would suspend their account for a year.

This is an outrage! Comcast is just pissed off that the FCC has stopped them from packet shaping. Some people say “well I would just switch services if they did that to me” well unfortunately I cannot do this as Comcast is my only option for a “high speed” Internet, also I could not go back to dial-up because I do not have a phone line at my house.

Thanks a lot Comcast for once again fucking over your customers! Alls I can say is that they better have a way for me to check how much bandwidth I have used in a given month!

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Comcast’s new TOS page: here

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Comcast maybe in trouble with FCC

This just in from the good people at Neowin.net:

It seems as though the head of the FCC is not taking what Comcast is doing very lightly… It may be time for the FCC to finely step in and right the wrongs Comcast has been allowed to commit. Please read the articles linked below.

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Comcast gets H4x3d

Comcast might want to rethink who they are messing with as their DNS records get hijacked leaving people without webmail access. While this attack is very “script kiddy”-esk and fairly harmless it’s just the first of many attacks that may be planned for Comcast.

Comcast should really be worried about messing with the technology they think they own… The internet does not belong to anyone, nor will it be controlled by anyone! Beware Comcast, you are treading on thin ice… Quoted from my own article here

This is not the first time that an organization opposed to user rights has been attacked. The RIAA’s site has been hacked many times over the years. Let that be a lesson do fuck with technology! H4x 7h3 P14n37!

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