Apple releases Dashcode Beta for Tiger

Apple has released a beta version of Dashcode, a widget designer for Tiger. You can download it here

Windows Vista prices leak.

Microsoft accidentally posted on their website the prices and release date for it’s Vista operating system but the promptly took it down but not before the world had a chance to see it.

The prices are as follows

Full Package:
Vista Ultimate $450
Vista Business $341
Vista Home Premium $269
Vista Home Basic $233

Upgrade Package
Vista Ultimate Upgrade $269
Vista Business Upgrade $224
Vista Home Premium Upgrade $179
Vista Home Basic Upgrade $116

And the release date:

January 30, 2007

Source: ieXbeta and ZDNet

Microsoft Windows “Longhorn” Build 4093 leaks

Build 4093 of Longhorn leaks check tracker to download!

Source: In-house

Vista more insecure than XP says Symantec

Security giant Symantec is researching Vista’s security (or lack there of). They are finding that XP’s tried and tested code is more reliable than Vista’s newly written (and as of yet largely untested) code. As of yet though there has not many (if any) security holes that directly target Vista exploited as of yet.


Windows Vista Build 5472.5 has been released to beta testers!

This news was given to me first by my good friend Utaks , that at 1:52EST Microsoft released build 5472.5 of vista to offical beta testers (like yours truly) Also Utaks has leaked new Windows Vista wallpaper that you will find in 5472, you can download from his server here.


“Longhorn” Builds 4033/3706 leak!

You can pick up the torrents from my tracker!

Thanks to my good friend Utaks!!

Source: In-House